Exploration Station

The Exploration Station was created by the Waggoner PTO to provide a STEM experience to our students both in their classrooms and during lunch recess. Last year we opened a classroom one day a week during lunch recess and students were able to come tinker, build, and create. We also have the ability to bring a STEM activity into classrooms. The Exploration Station includes hands on projects, experiments, brain games and so much more.

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Upcoming Events


Come join us in the Exploration Station during lunch recess on Thursdays!  The time is 10am-12:15pm.  12 kids per grade level, 20 minutes at a time, playing fun games and activities during their lunch recess.  You don't need to know anything special, we are just facilitating activities for the kids to tinker, build and create during their lunch recess.  They are choosing to be there and loving it each time.  We will plan it all, just need you to help us be there!

All volunteers need to be fingerprinted.  If you need any info please let us know, it is a simple process that we can help you figure out!