Staff Appreciation

Our PTO Staff Appreciation Committee plans events, meals, and gestures of appreciation each month to help show all of the Waggoner Staff how much we value them and their commitment to our community!

We keep the breakroom stocked with cups, drinks, snacks, and water. In an effort to help offset these costs, the Staff Appreciation Committee kindly asks for donations of drinks, snacks, and other supplies. Every donation is greatly appreciated! Please drop off all items to the front office.

Below is a list of days we plan on bringing in a little extra for the teachers. If you would like to take over the mailbox treat, sign-up for a specific month here. If you have a theme idea or food idea for one of the lunch events, please reach out to a committee chair. 

  • October - Monthly Mailbox Treat
  • October 18th - lunch for Parent-Teacher conference
  • October 19th - lunch for Parent-Teacher conference
  • October 20th - lunch for Parent-Teacher conference
  • November - Monthly Mailbox Treat
  • December - Monthly Mailbox Treat
  • January - Monthly Mailbox Treat
  • February - Monthly Mailbox Treat
  • February 28th - lunch for Parent-Teacher conference
  • February 29th - lunch for Parent-Teacher conference
  • March 1st - lunch for Parent-Teacher conference
  • March - Monthly Mailbox Treat
  • April - Monthly Mailbox Treat
  • May - Monthly Mailbox Treat
  • May 6th-May 10th - Teacher Appreciation Week

Upcoming Events


There are 1/2 days on February 28th, 29th, and March 1st.

The Teacher Appreciation committee will provide lunch and drinks to the Teachers during each of these 1/2 school days, so they will have enough nourishment and energy to make it through all their meetings with the parents/guardians.

If you would like to help with the set-up, contribute to the food/snacks/drinks, or have ideas to make the teachers feel appreciated during this time, please contact one of the members of the Teacher Appreciation committee: